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At the very north of Germany, just outside Hamburg, Holstein is a real treasure trove for visitors.  Take advantage of the peace and tranquillity to discover the diverse and multifaceted interior of Schleswig-Holstein.

Charming little towns lie along the Elbe and Au rivers – most of them directly on the water. Brimming with culture, fun, and shopping, Holstein offers exciting contrasts with the “untouched nature” of its surroundings. Whether you’re strolling through the unique heath- or moorlands, or visiting one of our nature experience hotspots like the Eekholt Wilderness Park or the Trappenkamp Adventure Forest – nature lovers are sure to get their fill. Get your hands dirty, join in, play, or feast – in Holstein, you can get the most out of the countryside and enjoy it with all your senses.

The banks of the Elbe and Au – the name says it all: Whether it’s sailing, boat tours, canoeing, or paddling – waves, wind, and wide open spaces are sure to impress! There is something for every visitor here: from families spending quality time together, to outdoor adventurers looking for action, and of course, couples who just want to relax and enjoy the waves.

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