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What better place for an industry museum than an industrial city like Elmshorn? This museum tells the story of daily life and work during the industrial era. Experience history up close!

Kinderwelten im Industriemuseum (c) Industriemuseum Elmshorn
Im Industriemuseum wird die Geschichte von Arbeit und Alltag zur Zeit der Industrialisierung dargestellt.
Das Industriemuseum in Elmshorn
Öffnungszeiten: Mo geschlossen, Di bis Sa 14.00 bis 17.00 Uhr, So 11.00 bis 17.00 Uhr
Anschrift: Catharinenstraße 1
25335 Elmshorn


The Elmshorn Industry Museum is far from a dry, dusty affair. Visitors are invited to test out the punch clock, pedal sewing machine, grain mill, and school benches with slates. Located in the historic warehouse, very close to the train station, the vivid interactive museum tells the story of technology, industry, work, and daily life in Schleswig-Holstein. The different exhibitions invite viewers to participate and discover using touchable objects, media stations, and a model of the harbor.

Through the city of Elmshorn and its inhabitants, visitors can experience what life and work was like during this era. In addition to learning about the textile and leather industries, and the transformation of traditional crafts, visitors also get an intimate look at the life of workers and their families in the 1920s. Each topic is explored from different angles, including ecological, multicultural, and women’s perspectives, creating very diverse experiences, and raising questions about history.

The stories told from this exciting and rapidly changing time are not only on view; the museum uses sound, smell, and taste to enrich the experience. Several stations encourage active discovery. Visitors can handle objects like punch clocks, grain mills, and pedal sewing machines. Children can use a detective kit to explore the museum, or sit on the old benches to experience what school used to be like. Temporary exhibitions round out the diversity of topics covered by the permanent exhibition. You can discover the museum alone, or through group tour.