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Regional products, authentic experiences, and gorgeous scenery – everything modern travellers and vacationers could wish for. Who would’ve thought that Holstein combines all of these aspects?

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The “Experience Hohenlockstedt” initiative brings together very different industries for a lively day trip. Visitors can mix and match experiences to create a personalized itinerary. Why not set off on a tour of the Senne potato farm, for example? You’ll learn about the potato’s background, history, and stories – and of course, taste them! Cheese lovers shouldn’t miss Schleswig-Holstein’s “Cheese Street” in Meierhof Möllgaard. In addition to learning about the cheese makers, and how the different varieties are made, guests have the chance to sample the cheeses. The town’s culinary diversity also includes the Knutzen fishery, where you can also taste and purchase products after the tour. At the SaSha Light Center, guests can discover special sensory experiences for all the senses with herbs, Feng Shui, natural sound converters, and ecological architecture. A visit to the water tower Museum, for example, shines a light on other facets of the city.