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Feel like some movement, fun, and fresh air? Then don’t miss the SwinGolf course in Itzehoe.

Spaß beim Swingolfen mit Freunden und Familie.
Einlochen im "Swingstil"
Öffnungszeiten: April-Oktober Mi-Fr ab 15.00 Uhr Wochenende u. Feiertage ab 10.00 Uhr Gruppentermine nach Vereinbarung
Anschrift: Kieler Landstraße 34
25524 Itzehoe


Name: Ehlers
Telefon: 0 48 21 - 92 26 7

SwinGolf is an easy recreational sport that promises plenty of fun for groups. The game is played with soft ball and just one club, whose head has three sides. The goal of the game is to “swing” the ball into the hole, using the least amount of hits from the tee to the flag. Whoever completes the course with the least amount of hits wins. A ton of fun for families, friends, or summer company excursions. Equipment rentals available on site. After a short introduction covering techniques, the rules of the game, and safety, the game begins.

There is also a brand-new option – football golf. It’s a very easy sport, which anyone can play. All you need is a football and your own feet. Football golf calls for skill and good depth perception in order to overcome the obstacles. Beyond some general rules, the game just requires creativity from its players, and is easily adapted depending on the age and ability of the participants. Points are recorded on the scorecard.

Hof Basten, located east of Itzehoe (towards Hohenlockstedt), has a beautiful, five-hectare swing golf and football golf course. The varying heights mean the 9-hole course takes about two hours to complete. After the game, relax with some rustic cuisine.