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Seafaring flair in the heart of Brunsbüttel.

Besuchen Sie die Schleusenmeile in Brunsbüttel und erleben sie die "großen Pötte" hautnah.
Schleusenmeile in Brunsbüttel
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Name: Tourist-Info Brunsbüttel
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The ocean-themed playground near the Brunsbüttel sluice offers action for all ages. The kid-friendly sluice chamber in the Kiel Canal is one of the best features of the area. Here, children can grasp the mechanisms of the sluice, literally: a hand pump regulates the height of the water, while the doors of the sluice can also be opened and closed by hand. While the kids have fun with the sluice, lighthouse, curved slide, play bridge, steering wheel, hanging mast, swinging nest, gap bridge, on-board telephone and water coil, adults can take a break.

Three apparatuses are best suited for visitors in their golden years – a running wheel, a hand crank, and a wobble beam. Then maritime playground is also likely to be a favourite among children. If they already got wet playing in the sluice and splashing in the water, they can dive right in. The Ulitzhörn open-air pool lets you swim and take in the sun while watching ships come in the canal. In addition to a classic water park with fun for the whole family, you can also rent beach lounges, play volleyball, or use the grill corner, and much more.

One particular highlight is a tour of the sluice, followed by a visit to the sluice information centre. Here, visitors learn all about the development of the fifth sluice chamber, Europe’s largest water construction site.