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Rose season begins in mid June. That’s when the 30,000 roses in the Uetersen Rosarium bloom, making this the largest rose garden in northern Germany.

Das Rosarium in Uetersen bietet Führungen durch das 7 Hektar große Gelände.
Rund 1.000 Rosen Arten im Rosarium Uetersen
Öffnungszeiten: Öffentliche Parkanlage, ganzjährig geöffnet
Anschrift: Wassermühlenstraße 7
25436 Uetersen


Name: Andre Nowinski
Telefon: 0 41 22 - 71 43 72
E-Mail: info[at]
Telefon: 0 41 22 - 85 39 82
E-Mail: info[at]

Rose season and its heady perfume begins in mid June. Nearly 30,000 roses bloom from then until August in the Uetersen Rosarium, the largest rose garden in northern Germany, enchanting visitors with their beautiful colours.

The Uetersen Rosarium’s 5.2 hectare rose garden draws countless visitors well beyond the actual rose season. The imposing flowers and their elegant perfume make any stroll through the garden a unique experience. The Rosarium Park Hotel's inviting terrace has a gorgeous view of the rose park. The wedding island is especially romantic: there, visitors can often watch civil marriage ceremonies. For a deeper look into the world of roses, the park offers regular guided tours, as well as visits to the educational rose garden.

Free tours through the Rosarium
(Meeting point: Rosarium PARK HOTEL entrance****) are available every Sunday during the rose season at 10:30 AM. Culture lovers can enjoy a free “rose concert” in the music pavilion on Sundays at 3 PM.