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The museum offers insight into the past two centuries, with an in-depth look at a small, wealthy country pharmacy and other crafts and commercial businesses. The old saddlery, which closed in 1990 after nearly 100 years business, now houses the Burger Museum.

Das Museum in Burg (c) Tourist-Info Burg
Öffnungszeiten: Mai - Oktober: Fr, Sa, So, Die 14.30 bis 16.30 Uhr Von Ostersonntag bis Ende April nur So. Gruppenanmeldungen auch außerhalb dieser Zeiten
Anschrift: Große Mühlenstraße 6
25712 Burg (Dithm.)


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The old saddle workshop has been immaculately preserved. The centrepiece however, is the wide-ranging museum pharmacy, which displays the past 200 years of apothecary tradition. Right next to the old country pharmacy, the dentist opened his own practice, using a foot-operated, mechanical drill and a collapsible dentist’s chair. Shipping also has a long tradition in Burg, dating back to the 18th century, so the industry earned a place in the museum, alongside shoemakers, table makers, hairdressers, and grocers.