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8. Google Adwords

Holstein Tourismus e.V.’s website uses Google Conversion Tracking. If you arrive on our website by clicking on a Google ad, a cookie is stored on your computer. This cookie expires after 30 days, and serves to identify individual users. This allows Google, for the duration of the cookie, to determine whether the visitor arrived on a certain website by clicking an ad.

Each Google AdWords client receives a unique cookie, which serves to provide the client with conversion statistics. These statistics contain information about how many users clicked the ad. Information that could be used to personally identify users is not transmitted.

You can configure your browser at any time to disable the use of cookies. By doing so however, you run the risk of not being able to use certain website functions to their full extent. 

Thank you for your interest in Holstein Tourismus e.V. Protecting your personal data is an important priority for us, so on this page we will share our data protection policy for use of our website. Here you will find all information about how, to what extent, and why we collect personal data through Holstein Tourismus e.V.

Users can use the Holstein Tourismus e.V. website without entering personal data. For certain services, however, we must process personal data. This page provides more information about these services. Your permission is required for us to process personal data without other legal grounds.

1. General

Holstein Tourismus e.V. saves the following data on each visit to our website, (hereafter referred to as, “website”): the name of the page accessed, file, date/time, amount of data transferred, message confirming successful retrieval, browser type/version, operating system, previously visited page, and IP address.

Holstein Tourismus e.V. only uses the data listed above for statistical purposes to improve its own online content. Any additional contacts with Holstein Tourismus e.V. takes place via email or through the contact form, on a voluntary basis. At this point, only the data required to process your request or for any follow-up questions is saved.

If you leave comments or contributions on our website, we store your IP address. This is done to make it easier to identify the responsible individual in cases of unlawful violations or comments. Additional personal data (e.g name, email address, telephone number, interests) are only collected, used, and processed by the provider if legally permissible, or if you agree to our data collection policy (consent).

Data Security

We also implement technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data we have collected or accumulated. The goal is to prevent accidental or intentional tampering, loss, or destruction of data, or access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved based on technological developments.

In order to secure the transfer of your information, for example through the contact form or a brochure order form, we use SSL encryption over HTTPS.

Furthermore, safeguards known as CAPTCHAS, which contain images or tasks, prevent machines from using the forms.

3. Cookies

When you access our website, one or more cookies may be stored on your computer. These are intended to improve the services of Holstein Tourismus e.V., in order to save your login information, for example. Of course, our website can be used without cookies. You can also disable cookies in your browser, restrict certain websites, or configure your browser to notify you before cookies are saved. Your browser’s data protection features also allow you to delete cookies from your hard drives at any time. Doing so could affect websites’ functions and user-friendliness, however.

4. Google Analytics

This website uses the web analysis service Google Analytics by Google Inc. (hereafter just referred to as “Google”). Google Analytics uses the aforementioned “Cookies”, which are stored on your computer and allow us to analyse our website’s users. The user information we collect for our website is generally transmitted and stored on a server belonging to Google in the USA.

IP anonymization on our website means Google shortens IP addresses within European Union member countries or countries subject to the European Economic Area agreement before transmitting them to the USA. Only in certain cases are full IP addresses transmitted to Google’s servers in the USA, and shortened there. IP anonymization is enabled on this website. On behalf of Holstein Tourismus e.V., Google uses this information to evaluate the use of this webpage, to create reports about website activity, as well as to provide further services related to website and Internet use to Holstein Tourismus e.V.

This service includes different kinds of information, for example which website sent the user to a page (referrer), which subpages of the website users visit, or how often and for how long a subpage is viewed The goal of the analysis is to optimize the website and the cost-benefit analyses of Internet ads.

Google Analytics is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA.

Google never connects IP addresses collected from your browser by Google Analytics with other data. 

You can configure your browser at any time to prevent cookies from being stored, or you can erase them using your Internet browser or other software programs. By doing so however, you run the risk of not being able to use certain website functions to their full extent. You also have the option of preventing cookie data and data relating to website use (including your IP address) from being collected by Google, or from being processed by Google, by downloading and installing the following browser plug in:

Please note: If you erase, format, or reinstall your operating system at a later date, you must reinstall the browser add-on.

For more information about Google’s data protection policies, visit and You can find more information about Google Analytics here:

5. Facebook

In addition to our website, we also use a Facebook page to promote Holstein Tourismus e.V. Its underlying commercial purpose falls within the category of legitimate interest as defined by the GDPR. Facebook is responsible for its compliance with data protection regulations. We made the choice not to use a Social Media Plug In, in order not to automatically transmit your data to Facebook when you use our website.

If you are logged into Facebook, Facebook can connect your visits to the Facebook page and your interactions with our page to your Facebook account. For example, if you press the “Like” or “Share” buttons, the corresponding information is directly transmitted to Facebook’s servers and stored there. This information is also published on Facebook and displayed to your Facebook friends.

Facebook can use this information for promotional or market research activities, or to customize the design of Facebook pages. To do this, Facebook creates profiles based on usage, interests, and behaviour, e.g. to assess your use of our website as relates to the advertisements you see on Facebook, to inform other Facebook users about your activity on our website, and to provide other services relating to the use of Facebook. For more information about the goal and scope of Facebook’s data collection and further processing and use of this data, as well as your rights and your ability to configure settings to protect your privacy, please visit Facebook’s data protection notice: (

6. Newsletter

Would you like to subscribe to our free newsletter? You must provide us with your email address in order to receive it. Providing further information like your first and last name is optional. Additional personal data is only required to personalize the newsletter for you.

We register users using a double opt-in process. After signing up, we will send a confirmation and authorization email to the address you provided, asking you to confirm your subscription through a link included in the message. This allows us to ensure that only interested recipients are added to our mailing list.

We always keep your information confidential, and we only use it ourselves. We never share your information with any third parties.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. At the bottom of each newsletter, you will find a link to cancel your subscription and delete your email address from our mailing list. You can also send us an informal email at any time ask us to delete your address from the list.

7. Contact form & ordering brochures

The Holstein Tourismus e.V. website includes features that allow you to get in touch with our company electronically. Contact requests take place through email addresses, a contact form, or a brochure order form. Whenever someone contacts Holstein Tourismus e.V. by email, through a contact form, or brochure order form, the personal data they transmit to us is automatically stored. Any personal data voluntarily transmitted to Holstein Tourismus e.V. by that person is also stored for the purposes of processing their request or getting in touch with them, in order to personalize our communications with them and to improve our service quality. This personal data is never shared with third parties.

9. Routine data deletion and/or locking

Holstein Tourismus e.V. follows the principles of data protection: data avoidance and data economy. We only store personal data for the duration of the legally established storage period, or until we achieve the purposes named above. We then routinely lock or delete the relevant information, in accordance with legal regulations.

10. Right to access, correct, restrict, and erase data

You have the right to request access from Holstein Tourismus e.V., Große Nübelstr. 31, 25348 Glückstadt, to the personal data we have stored about you, at any time. Furthermore, you have the right to request the correction of incorrect data, and unless legal storage periods prevent this, to request your personal data be restricted or deleted. You can find contact information to request access, correction, restriction, or deletion at the end of the data protection notice.

Restricted data is stored in a restricted file for long-term monitoring. Data can only be deleted if no legal archiving requirements are in force. If this is the case, we will restrict your data upon request.

11. Right to lodge a complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint to the responsible data protection supervisory authority:

Schleswig-Holstein Independent Center for Data Protection
Holstenstraße 98
24103 Kiel

Telephone: 0431 988-1200
Fax: 0431 988-1223

Mail: mail(at)

12. Changes to our data protection policy

In order for this data protection notice to comply with up-to-date legal requirements and our range of services, we updated it as necessary. The most recently updated data protection notice always applies for each new visit to our website.

13. Name and contact information for the data controller

The data controller, as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation, other data protection laws in the Member States of the European Union, and other provisions of a data protection character is:

Holstein Tourismus e.V.
headquartered at: 25554 Wilster
register court: Amtsgericht Pinneberg
registration number: VR 1182 PI
Management board: Hans-Werner Speerforck, Hans-Jürgen Kütbach, Anne-Merle Wulf

Holstein Tourismus e.V. offices

Marketing and Communication
Responsible for: Service provider support, Cookies, Google Analytics, newsletters, website operation

RegionNord GbR
Talstraße 9
25524 Itzehoe

Telephone: 0 48 21 - 94 96 32 50
Fax: 0 48 21 - 94 96 32 99
Mail: pruess(at)

Customer service
Responsible for: Brochure orders, contact form

Glückstadt Destination Management GmbH
Große Nübelstraße 31
25348 Glückstadt

Tel.: 0 41 24 - 60 49 59 2
Fax: 0 41 24 - 93 75 86
Mail: kirbis(at)

In accordance with the provisions of Article 37 of the GDPR, we are not required to name a data protection officer.

Notice on the use of Cookies

We use Cookies in order to personalize content and services and to analyse access to our website. We also provide data about your use of our website to our partners in order to further develop services, advertisements, and analyses. More information