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Visit the plains and marshes of the lowest point in Germany

The lowest part of Germany lies here in the middle of the marsh. 3.54 m under sea level (Normallnull or NN, as North Germans call it) or in other words: if it weren’t for the dikes, the water would rise up to 8 m high during storm surges. 

Dikes, terps (ancient, raised dwelling mounds), and cottages with reed roofs still give Wilstermarsch its unique appearance, as do its wide-open green plains. The town of Wilster, with its historic centre, lies in the heart of Wilstermarsch.

Cycling tours, a boat tour aboard the Aukieker, or cart rides invite you to explore the low-lying region. For another, completely different view of the country, set off on a canoe tour. 

Wilstermarsch has a unique feature: it is surrounded by water on three sides, by the Kiel Canal, the Elbe, and the Stör - so visitors get a taste of “island life”.

Das Bild zeigt Besucher der Schleuse Kasenort bei einer Rast auf dem Steg.
Watergate Kasenort

Contact and more information

Touristinformation Wilster
Tel.: 04823 9215950

  • Wilstermarsch Aukieker

    Take a boat tour of the Wilsterau aboard our Aukieker.

    25554 Wilster
    0 48 23 - 92 15 95 0


  • Elbe Ice Stadion Brokdorf

    With 50,000 visitors, the Elbe Ice Stadium in Brokdorf is the most popular winter destination in Holstein.

    25576 Brokdorf
    0 48 23 - 92 15 95 0


  • Ball shooting in Wilstermarsch

    Ball shooting – northern Germany’s fun and social traditional sport.

    0 48 23 - 92 15 95 0


  • Lowest geographical point in Germany

    Wilstermarsch, one of the oldest areas in Schleswig-Holstein, is home to the lowest geographical point in the country (3.54m below sea level).

    25554 Neuendorf-Sachsenbande
    0 48 23 -92 15 95 0


  • Elbe Beach and Brokdorf Water Park

    Bring a picnic basket and blanket to settle in for a day of fun at the Elbe Beach in Brokdorf, or sunbathe at the water park. A refreshing swim in the Elbe is just the thing, especially during high tide.

    25576 Brokdorf
    0 48 29 - 90 16 03 0