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Moving, breathing, and recharging

When experiencing untouched nature and fresh air, there’s always something new and unexpected to discover: In Holstein of course! Holstein brings together beauty and wilderness: the Aukrug nature park, our Pinneberger tree nurseries, the wide marshes of the Elbe, and the banks of the Auenland.

Highlights include the Eekholt Wilderness Park, the Trappenkamp Adventure Forest, the Elbmarschenhaus in Haseldorf, the NABU Birdwatching Station in Wedel, and the Burg Forest Museum. There are also many natural spaces to discover, like the Wedeler Au regional park, which includes the Holmer Sandberge (“sand mountains”) inland dunes. Don’t miss a hike through the Himmelmoor moorlands and the Nordoe heath.

If you don’t want to set off alone, choose one of the many tours on offer, and learn more about the inhabitants of this unique natural space at your leisure, or discover rare plants on the roadside. Nature tours, nature parks, and the Castle Islands offer new highlights for nature-lovers and families alike.

  • Eekholt Wilderness Park

    The Eekholt Wilderness Park in Großenaspe is the perfect destination for families, as well as anyone with an interest in the region's fauna. The wilderness park aims to show local animals in their natural habitats, and to emphasize ecological relationships.

    24623 Großenaspe
    0 43 27 - 99 23 0


  • Burg Forest Museum

    The Burg Forest Museum and nature experience space – get in touch with local nature

    25712 Burg/ Dithmarschen
    0 48 25 - 29 85


  • Friedrichskoog Seal Center

    Watch live harbor seals and gray seals

    25718 Friedrichskoog
    0 48 54 - 13 72


  • Trappenkamp Adventure Forest

    From roots to treetops – fun in the woods at Trappenkamp Adventure Forest. This large, family-friendly destination lies on the edge of the Segeberger Woods, and includes the largest wildlife preserve in the north. The playground is gigantic too, and offers fun and relaxation for...

    24635 Daldorf
    0 43 28 - 17 04 80


  • Elbemarschenhaus and Haseldorf grange

    Escape from daily stress and actively experience nature and culture

    25489 Haseldorf
    0 41 29 - 95 54 90


  • Haseldorf fruit orchard

    Snacking is allowed! The old fruit orchard in Haseldorf

    25489 Haseldorf
    0 41 29 - 95 54 90


  • Tidenkieker Boat Tour

    Our activity tips: Boat rides from Haseldorf Harbor and Glückstadt

    25348 Glückstadt
    0 41 29 - 95 54 90


  • Himmelmoor

    The Himmelmoor is a landscape full of contrasts. A hiking tour reveals the harmony that exists between humans and nature.

    25451 Quickborn
    04106 - 9757275


  • Carl Zeiss Birdwatching Station

    Our activity tips: The Carl Zeiss Birdwatching Station organizes regular bird watching tours and excursions.

    22880 Wedel
    0 40 64 - 85 52 53


  • Aukrug Nature Park

    Our tip: The Aukrug Nature Park app, with its 10 hiking trails, is the ideal companion for a discovery tour through the nature park.

    24613 Aukrug
    0 48 73 - 87 14 66 1


  • Ellerhoop Arboretum Northern German Garden Show

    The Arboretum’s garden impresses visitors at any time of year. In addition to an extensive collection of plants, it also presents gardening and environmental topics.

    25373 Ellerhoop
    0 41 20 - 21 8


  • Uetersen Rosarium

    Rose season begins in mid June. That’s when the 30,000 roses in the Uetersen Rosarium bloom, making this the largest rose garden in northern Germany.

    25436 Uetersen
    0 41 22 - 71 43 72