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High-tech and a zest for life

North of Itzehoe, the ISIT - the Frauenhofer Institiute for Silicon Technology and the innovation centre - is the powerhouse behind Schleswig-Holstein’s innovation economy.

The exuberant district town itself is shaped by its unique location on the Stör, right between the green marshes and the geest hills.

An especially bike-friendly town, Itzehoe is the ideal starting point for bicycle tours along the Stör, or for the Ochsenweg and Mönchsweg bicycle trails. The 340 km Mönchsweg trail stretches from Glückstadt on the Elbe to Fehmarn Island, leading riders through different areas of beautiful countryside, as well towns of historical and religious significance.

The municipality of Itzehoe has compiled a list of five fascinating bicycle tours of different lengths in a brochure for visitors.

Contact and more information

Itzehoe city managment
Tel.: 0 48 21 - 94 90 120

  • Itzehoe Swing Golf

    Feel like some movement, fun, and fresh air? Then don’t miss the SwinGolf course in Itzehoe.

    25524 Itzehoe
    0 48 21 - 92 26 7


  • Wenzel Hablik Museum

    Since 1995, the Wenzel Hablik Museum has been located in the landmarked merchant's house on Reichenstraße in Itzehoe.

    25524 Itzehoe
    0 48 21 - 88 86 02 0


  • Prinzeßhof District Museum

    The Prinzeßhof District Museum is located in the oldest secular building in the city of Itzehoe. A number of Steinburg officials once resided there.

    25524 Itzehoe
    0 48 21 - 64 06 8