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Gardening in the tree nurseries

Trees, flowers, blossoms, meadows, and tree nurseries fill the landscape around Barmstedt.

The Ellerhop-Thiensen Arboretum’s changing flower displays enchant countless visitors, while the Castle Island Rantzauer Lake takes you back to another time. Explore the Au landscape through a relaxed bicycle tour.

The tree nursery landscape extends from Barmstedt to Uetersen and its rose park, which are connected by Germany’s first garden road.

A beautiful garden of flowers
Arboretum EllerhoopArboretum Ellerhoop

Contact and more information

Tourist-Information Barmstedt

Tel.: 0 41 23 - 68 12 04




  • Himmelmoor

    The Himmelmoor is a landscape full of contrasts. A hiking tour reveals the harmony that exists between humans and nature.

    25451 Quickborn
    04106 - 9757275


  • Castle Island on Rantzauer Lake

    Cross a small cobblestone bridge over Rantzauer Lake into an idyllic world where time seems to stand still.

    25355 Barmstedt
    0 41 23 - 68 12 04


  • Ellerhoop Arboretum Northern German Garden Show

    The Arboretum’s garden impresses visitors at any time of year. In addition to an extensive collection of plants, it also presents gardening and environmental topics.

    25373 Ellerhoop
    0 41 20 - 21 8