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Authentic coasts, authentic country

Freedom and authentic experiences – that’s a vacation in Nordseeland Dithmarschen Forget the stress. The flat countryside – such clear views you see into tomorrow – and the irresistibly down-to-earth nature of Dithmarsch locals have a unique charm. Immerse yourself in the Dithmarsch way of life and spend an unforgettable holiday here.

With a visit to the harbor city of Brunsbüttel and its sluices, for example Freight and cruise ships alike sail in through the through Kiel Canal, and watching the sluices maneuver with minute precision is quite a show.

This is where the estuary of the Elbe opens into the North Sea, and visitors can watch massive ships slowly drift away into the horizon. By following the ships a little further along the embankment, the maritime influence of the North Sea becomes more and more visible, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea soon comes into view.

Dithmarsch’s interior also has a lot to offer, like Burg, also known as “the Pearl of the West Coast” with its forest museum, popular boat rides, and the impressive ramparts of Bökelnburg.

These sites can be combined with activities like a bicycle tour along the Kiel Canal, for example.

Remember the local greeting Dithmarschen: “Moin, Moin!”

Contact and more information:

Brunsbüttel tourist information
Tel.: 04852 391186

Contact and more information

Touristinformation Brunsbüttel
Tel.: 0 48 52 -39 11 86

Touristinformation Burg
Tel.: 0 48 25 - 90 11 94

Dithmarschen Tourismus e.V.
Tel.: 0 48 1 -  21 22 555

Tourismus- Service Friedrichskoog
Tel: 0 48 54 - 90 49 40

  • Brunsbüttel Sluice information Centre (SIZ)

    Don’t miss the chance to learn about the Kiel Canal sluice!

    25541 Brunsbüttel
    0 48 52 - 39 11 86


  • Marschenbahn Trolley

    Take a ride on the historic tracks of Marschenbahn Trolley between Marne and St. Michaelisdonn.

    25693 St. Michaelisdonn
    0 48 53 - 80 73 05


  • Burg Forest Museum

    The Burg Forest Museum and nature experience space – get in touch with local nature

    25712 Burg/ Dithmarschen
    0 48 25 - 29 85


  • Friedrichskoog Seal Center

    Watch live harbor seals and gray seals

    25718 Friedrichskoog
    0 48 54 - 13 72


  • Pirate Playground and Sluice Mile

    Seafaring flair in the heart of Brunsbüttel.

    25541 Brunsbüttel
    0 48 52 - 39 11 86


  • Dithmarsch State Museum

    Discover Dithmarsch's history

    25704 Meldorf
    0 481 975600


  • Burger Museum

    The museum offers insight into the past two centuries, with an in-depth look at a small, wealthy country pharmacy and other crafts and commercial businesses. The old saddlery, which closed in 1990 after nearly 100 years business, now houses the Burger Museum.

    25712 Burg (Dithm.)
    0 48 25 - 90 22 00