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From Holstein’s Elbe marshes to the Auenland

Our regionWilstermarsch

From Auenland, to the coast of the North Sea, the waters of the Elbe marshes, or the picturesque moors, forests, and heaths, step out of the ordinary and discover Holstein! This region, which stretches along the Elbe from Hamburg to Friedrichskoog, also includes a great “interior”, since the Elbe and Auenland continue to Neumünster!

Each part of this region has its own unique character. The maritime district of Dithmarschen is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea. The Elbe shapes the Elbe marshes, and yet these regions couldn’t be more different: Part of the region is below the sea level - including the Wilstermarsch, the banks of the Elbe, and herring fisheries and vegetable farms around Glückstadt, as well as the bird watching area west of Hamburg in the Pinneberger Elbe marshes. In the interior of the region, the Pinneberger tree nurseries and gardens beckon visitors, as does the historic free city and spa town of Bad Bramstedt, located right in the heart of the Holstein Auenland. While the region of Itzehoe combines high-tech, culture, and a zest for life, Kellinghusen and Hohenlockstedt specialize in ceramics and cuisine. The Aukrug Nature Park is also just a stone’s throw away.

Learn more about what makes these regions unique, and discover Holstein’s perfect location between the coasts and Hamburg.