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Join in, have fun, and awaken your senses

From the goats and rabbits in petting zoo to tasting delicious dishes made from cabbage, cheese, and cherries – Holstein’s wealth of country traditions is unique in Germany and beyond. Dithmarsch is home to the largest cabbage farm in Germany, the Holstein Auenland produces strawberries, blueberries, and potatoes, the Elbmarschen region grows fruits, the region around Glückstadt grows vegetables, while the Pinneberger tree nurseries boasts Europe’s largest tree and garden nurseries: all of this adds up to exceptional variety within a region also known for its grassland management. 

Countless agencies offer vacations on farmsteads, children’s parties and birthdays, as well as the opportunity to join in an experience country life. You’ll find farm stores everywhere you look in Holstein. All along bicycle routes, cyclists can stop for a snack at farm cafés and dairies. Admire traditional crafts, or even try your own hand at them, at demonstrations and farmers’ markets.

  • Itzehoe Swing Golf

    Feel like some movement, fun, and fresh air? Then don’t miss the SwinGolf course in Itzehoe.

    25524 Itzehoe
    0 48 21 - 92 26 7


  • Lowest geographical point in Germany

    Wilstermarsch, one of the oldest areas in Schleswig-Holstein, is home to the lowest geographical point in the country (3.54m below sea level).

    25554 Neuendorf-Sachsenbande
    0 48 23 - 92 15 95 0


  • Wiemersdorf golf course and leisure park

    Looking for a day trip? Then head to Wiemersdorf. Do you know the difference between Auenland golf, football golf, and frisbee golf? The Wiemersdorf country golf course offers a variety of games for young and old.

    24649 Wiemersdorf
    0175 159 281 7


  • Kronsnest Historic Ferry

    Experience a ride on the smallest ferry in Germany, and cross the Krückau river the old-fashioned way.

    25335 Neuendorf
    0 41 21 - 21 39 9 (ab 18:00 Uhr)


  • Elbemarschenhaus and Haseldorf grange

    Escape from daily stress and actively experience nature and culture

    25489 Haseldorf
    0 41 29 - 95 54 90


  • Haseldorf fruit orchard

    Snacking is allowed! The old fruit orchard in Haseldorf

    25489 Haseldorf
    0 41 29 - 95 54 90


  • Ellerhoop Arboretum Northern German Garden Show

    The Arboretum’s garden impresses visitors at any time of year. In addition to an extensive collection of plants, it also presents gardening and environmental topics.

    25373 Ellerhoop
    0 41 20 - 21 8


  • Uetersen Rosarium

    Rose season begins in mid June. That’s when the 30,000 roses in the Uetersen Rosarium bloom, making this the largest rose garden in northern Germany.

    25436 Uetersen
    0 41 22 - 71 43 72


  • Wilstermarsch Aukieker

    Take a boat tour of the Wilsterau aboard our Aukieker.

    25554 Wilster
    0 48 23 - 92 15 95 0


  • Ball shooting in Wilstermarsch

    Ball shooting – northern Germany’s fun and social traditional sport.

    0 48 23 - 92 15 95 0


  • Marschenbahn Trolley

    Take a ride on the historic tracks of Marschenbahn Trolley between Marne and St. Michaelisdonn.

    25693 St. Michaelisdonn
    0 48 53 - 80 73 05


  • Experience Hohenlockstedt

    Regional products, authentic experiences, and gorgeous scenery – everything modern travellers and vacationers could wish for. Who would’ve thought that Holstein combines all of these aspects?

    25551 Hohenlockstedt
    0 48 26 - 37 03 78


  • Dithmarsch State Museum

    Discover Dithmarsch's history

    25704 Meldorf
    0 48 32 - 60 00 60


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