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This theatre ship, located in an idyllic part of Wedel, has something for everyone on the program. The ship is 100 years old and has a lively history with countless stories and anecdotes. Its current owner acquired it many years ago, and turned it into what it is today.

Das idyllisch gelegene Theaterschiff Batavia ist Gastgeber vieler unterschiedlicher Veranstaltungen.
Das Theaterschiffes Batavia
Öffnungszeiten: Nähere Informationen zum Programm und zu den Öffnungszeiten können Sie der Internetseite entnehmen
Anschrift: Brooksdamm
22880 Wedel


Telefon: 0 41 03 - 85 83 6
Fax: 0 41 03 - 90 47 32
E-Mail: info[at]

It hasn’t set sail for extended trips in a long time; instead, the ship’s machine room has been turned into a cosy theatre with red armchairs. Here, guests are entertained with a varied program: ranging from in-house productions of local favourites to tragedies, children’s theatre, guest performances, live jazz, cabaret, author readings, and much more. Guests can also relax in the restaurant and its beer garden.