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The Arboretum’s garden impresses visitors at any time of year. In addition to an extensive collection of plants, it also presents gardening and environmental topics.

Auch über garten- und umweltrelevante Themen kann man sich in der norddeutschen Gartenaschau informieren.
Die Norddeutsche Gartenschau
Öffnungszeiten: tgl. von 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr
Anschrift: Thiensen 4
25373 Ellerhoop


Visitors to the Northern German Garden show in the Ellerhoop Arboretum are treated to a fascinating blend of biology, forestry, and ecology as well as gardening, garden art, and relaxation. Highlights of the visit vary depending on the season: in April, the park is awash in a sea of blossoms; in mid-summer, lotuses bloom on the lake; and in the fall, rich autumn colours emerge in the Indian Summer installation. The terrace of the wooden café in historic Münsterhof invites guests to linger awhile.