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The “Garden of the senses” combines the five pillars of Kneipp Therapy. Regulatory Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Exercise Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Phytotherapy. The “garden of the senses” is located directly on the historic Ochsenweg bicycle trail.

Garten der Sinne (c)
Der Garten der Sinne ist nach den fünf Säulen der Kneipptherapie aufgebaut.
Der Garten der Sinne in Bramstedt
Öffnungszeiten: Auskünfte erteilt das Tourismusbüro Bad Bramstedt.
Anschrift: Ochsenweg
24576 Bad Bramstedt


Name: Tourismusbüro Bad Bramstedt
Telefon: 0 41 92 - 50 62 7
E-Mail: touristinfo[at]

The Water Garden is the crowning jewel of this series of six themed gardens. In this garden, you’ll find a relaxation zone that marks the end of the park. The five other gardens form a line running north along the main access road. The Movement Garden comes first, inviting you to take part in free movement therapy, followed by the Nutrition Garden, which gives an overview of Kneipp nutrition therapy. On the other side of the road, the Herb Garden contains seven thematic plant beds for healing different ailments. The Touch Garden follows, which is dedicated to movement therapy and offers of barefoot path. The row of gardens is completed by the Life Rhythm Garden. This garden exudes peace and power, symbolizing a natural way of life, and connects to the spa park through a first row of steles.