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Snacking is allowed! The old fruit orchard in Haseldorf

Hängematte im Obstgarten Haseldorf (c) Elbmarschenhaus
Im Obstgarten können sie den klassischen Obstanbau der Elbmarschen kennenlernen.
Der Obstgarten in Haseldorf
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Name: Elbmarschenhaus
Telefon: 0 41 29 - 95 54 90
E-Mail: info[at]

Enjoy the bountiful harvest of a traditional fruit garden from July to November. Discover authentic fruit orchards in the Elbe marshes, and pick your favourite fruit straight from the trees. Haseldorf’s orchard invites you to help yourself and enjoy! As one of the largest, public collections of ancient fruits, this orchard is home to 180 old, local varieties of apples, plums, and pears which are no longer sold in stores. In addition to picking traditional varieties like Seestermüher “Lemon-Apples” or Haseldorf Beauties, you’re also invited to bring your own hammock to string up between the trees and relax.

The orchard is open at all times. Not handicap accessible! Fruit may only be picked for individual consumption.

Directions to Haseldorf orchard:

Enter from Hafenstraße, 25489 Haseldorf

Park your car in the Haseldorf harbor parking lot, then proceed on foot over the Elbe dam, follow the path on the left side edge trench of the interior dam for 700 m to arrive at the orchard.