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The Hetlingen Schanze, a 17th-century bulwark against Sweden, is now a destination for its unique natural landscape and sweeping views of highest power lines in Europe.

Blick auf die Hetlinger Schanze (c) Holstein Tourismus e.V.
Anschrift: Hetlinger Schanze
25491 Hetlingen


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The Hetlingen Schanze is a historic location. In the 17th century, the Danish King Christian V ordered the construction of a stronghold there, with 4 bulwarks. Because of its advantageous location on the Elbe, the stronghold continued to be expanded over the years until it lost importance in the 18th century.

Today the Hetlingen Schanze is much more widely known as a tourist destination – the beach there is especially popular. Its location in the middle of the Haseldorfer Binnenelbe nature preserve in the Elbe foreland gives the impressive landscape its unique character, full of freshwater sprues, pasture tunnels, and rare plants such as the Elbe Schmiele.

It’s impossible to miss the Hetlingen Schanze, since it is also home to the highest power lines in Europe. To ensure the 75m vertical clearance at the Elbe, the masts of the Elbe 1 and 2 intersections are 189m and 227m high - truly impressive!