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Did you know that the oldest seaworthy sailing ship in Germany – the Rigmor, which is over 150 years old – conquered the Elbe from Glückstadt?

Die Rigmor (c) Förderverein Rigmor von Glückstadt e.V.
Die Rigmor in voller Fahrt (c) GDM GmbH
Die Rigmor auf der Elbe (c) Förderverein Rigmor von Glückstadt e.V.
Erleben Sie den ultimativen Segelausflug mit der Rigmor.
Das Segelschiff „Rigmor“ in Glückstadt
Öffnungszeiten: Es werden mehrere Fahrten pro Monat angeboten.


Telefon: 0 41 24 - 89 05 46
E-Mail: rigmor[at]
Name: Touristinformation Glückstadt
Telefon: 0 41 24 - 93 75 85
E-Mail: info[at]

It was built in Glückstadt in 1853, as a customs ship known only as No.5. On behalf of the Royal Danish Customs Bureau, its task was to ensure that incoming ships had paid the required duties for their cargo. Today, it is used for sailing excursions, in which even novice sailors can take the helm.

When the wind blows and the sails of this venerable old ship set it in motion, you’ll understand nature's real power. Come aboard and enjoy the tranquillity of the Elbe marshes as well as the enchanting view over the water and into the horizon. As captain, you’ll steer the old sailing ship over the Elbe. With plenty of support from experienced seafarers, of course... 

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