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Our activity tips: Boat rides from Haseldorf Harbor and Glückstadt

Der Tidenkieker fährt von Glückstadt und Haseldorf aus.
Das Flachbodenschiff „Tidenkieker“
Öffnungszeiten: Es werden mehrmals im Jahr Termine festgelegt. Diese entnehmen Sie bitte den unten stehenden Webseiten. Eine Anmeldung ist unbedingt erforderlich. Weitere Termine für Gruppen auf Anfrage.
Anschrift: Große Nübelstraße 31
25348 Glückstadt


Name: Elbmarschenhaus
Telefon: 0 41 29 - 95 54 90
E-Mail: info[at]
Name: Touristinformation Glückstadt
Telefon: 0 41 24 - 93 75 85
E-Mail: info[at]

Set off on the Elbe with the wind in your hair, and dive into the unique world of the lower Elbe maritime landscape – a truly special experience for both young and old nature lovers.

There are two departure ports in Holstein from which visitors can begin this special nature discovery journey. This unique ship sails from both Glückstadt and Haseldorf. What makes it so special? The Tidenkieker is a flat-bottomed boat, whose hull is only 50cm deep. This shallowness means the Tidenkieker can sail or dock in places where many other ships can’t. Carried by the tides, the ship’s route is determined spontaneously. In addition to navigating the Elbe, often also explores the smaller tributaries or the Stör. Since the big ships on the Elbe are always in sight, you’ll enjoy a special perspective on the maritime nature of the Elbe. An expert tour guide on board points out particularities in the landscape and the Coast Guard, and shares insight into the flora and fauna of the area. The high point of each outing is the chance to dock on one of the islands on the Elbe, usually Schwarztonnensand, Pagensand or Brammer Bank. The Tidenkieker, also known as the Lower Elbe Safari ship, docks directly on the beach, so that visitors can climb down a small gangway without getting their feet wet. An isolated, uninhabited island on the Elbe awaits, full of plant and animal life to discover – an unforgettable experience. Back aboard, the boat continues down the Elbe. With some luck, you’ll even see seals resting on a sand bank after a hard day of swimming. With so much to see, you will return to the harbor wondering how three hours went by so fast.

Tickets for Glückstadt are available at the Glückstadt tourist information centre, while tickets for Haseldorf can be purchased at the Elbe Marschenhaus.