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DaThe welcome station in Wedel, located directly on the Elbe, is an interesting destination for young and old in any season.

Begrüßen die Ein- und auslaufende Schiffe am Wilkomm-Höft in Wedel.
Die Schiffsbegrüßungsanlage am Schulauer Fährhaus
Öffnungszeiten: Mo -So 11.00 bis 23.00 Uhr
Anschrift: Parnaßstraße 29
22880 Wedel


Name: Das NEUE Schulauer Fährhaus
Telefon: 0 41 03 - 92 00 0
Fax: 0 41 03 - 92 00 50
E-Mail: info[at]

The ship welcoming station in the Schulauer Ferry House is surely Wedel’s most well-known attraction. Since 1952, all ships weighing more than 1,000 tons traveling to or from Hamburg harbor are welcomed or wished farewell with their national anthem in their own language. The call rings out over the Elbe: “Welcome to Hamburg, we are pleased to welcome you to Hamburg harbor.”

Then the flag is lowered on the 40 m mast, and the international signal for “safe travels” is raised. Smaller ships aren’t called greeted, but the flag still is lowered.

The welcome captains also share interesting details about each of the ships on the loudspeaker: in addition to the ship’s name, nationality, technical information, onlookers learn their destination, cargo, and other stories.

For guests looking for a meal and a show, the restaurant in the Schulauer Ferryhouse offers a number of comfortable tables from which to watch the ships.

If you’re particularly interested in cruise ships, make sure to check the cruise calendar ( ahead of time.