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The Eekholt Wilderness Park in Großenaspe is the perfect destination for families, as well as anyone with an interest in the region's fauna. The wilderness park aims to show local animals in their natural habitats, and to emphasize ecological relationships.

Der Wildpark ist ein ideales Ausflugsziel für Familien und alle die sich für die Tiere aus unserer Region interessieren
Der Wildpark Eekholt
Öffnungszeiten: März-Oktober tgl. 09.00 bis 18.00 Uhr November-Februar tgl. 10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
Anschrift: Eekholt 1
24623 Großenaspe


Telefon: 0 43 27 - 99 23 0
Fax: 0 43 27 - 12 32
E-Mail: info[at]

How do otters, wolves, and eagles live together in our region? What are the relationships between the soil, plants, animals, and people? What does sustainability and nature conservation mean for our environment? Visitors can discover the answers to these fascinating questions with a visit to the Eekholt Wilderness Park. The nature experience centre combines education with a chance to experience the beauty and diversity of nature.

More than 700 animals from 100 different species live in their native habitat in this 67-hectare park. The wilderness park is ideally located, and takes advantage of the geographic features of the area – the glacial valley of the Osterau. The Au is one of the few rivers in Schleswig-Holstein that has not been levelled, and it forms the basis of the nature reserve. As a result, visitors can discover for large habitats, including the Au, a wetland meadow, forest, and moor, which represent the entire ecosystem of Schleswig-Holstein.

During a tour of the Eekholt Wilderness Park, for example, visitors can encounter wild boars, wolves, martens, and other local animals in the forest. The rare great bustard, birds of prey and owls, as well as buzzards and eagle owls, are just a few of the birds that can also be seen during the tour. Themed houses like the stork house, observation huts and information pavilions complete the offer, as do the children's playground and the nature playground. Children especially love the petting area. Flight demonstrations are a special highlight of any visit. An exciting show teaches visitors about the flight and hunting techniques of different birds of prey.

Eekholt Wilderness Park also serves as Schleswig-Holstein’s wolf information centre. The Eekholt wolf trail provides fascinating insight into the life of these wild animals, including over 200 years of their history Schleswig-Holstein. Discover fascinating background information at the Eekholt Wolf Hut, whose panorama window lets you get up close to the wolves. The wolves are fed each day at 3:30 PM.