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Frühlingsfest im Elbmarschenhaus (c) N. Jaedicke
Touristinformation Elbmarschenhaus
Öffnungszeiten: Mi - So 10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
Anschrift: Hauptstraße 26
25489 Haseldorf


Name: Elbmarschenhaus
Telefon: 0 41 29 - 95 54 90
E-Mail: info[at]

Did you know that the Haseldorf castle garden is the oldest arboretum in northern Germany? The castle grounds have existed since the 12th century, but a little over 200 years ago, the landowner began transforming it into a park landscape by bringing in trees from all around the world. Not impressed? Even Rainer Maria Rilke fell in love with the gigantic, dreamy trees. In addition to the old yews, tulip trees, and blue magnolias that await you on your trip to Haseldorf, you’ll also find exhibitions about the region in the Elbemarschenhaus and outdoor area.

The exhibition briefly introduces the following topics; the formation of the landscape, the tides, peculiarities of the Elbe estuary, estuary birds and observation tips, how the marsh was settled and the types of houses built here, basket willows and apples, products of the march, and agriculture. Each topic is accompanied by informative text with many photos, while additional materials like models of the Au, soil sensor boxes, screw pumps, fruit trees, and much more, encourage participation.