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Discover the ceramic town of Kellinghusen at your own pace!

Keramikstadt Kellinghusen
Anschrift: Hauptstraße 18
25548 Kellinghusen


Name: Information im Bürgerhaus Kellinghusen
Telefon: 0 48 22 - 37 62 30
E-Mail: info[at]


Datei: Download

Kellinghusen’s reputation for ceramics dates back more than 250 years. Ever since the first pottery was founded in the town, it has been known for its glazed earthenware. To this day, it is home to ceramics workshops that are famous throughout the region and beyond.

The ceramic tour traces the history of the ceramics tradition through Kellinghusen. Important stops along the tour include the Kellinghusen Museum, which explains glazed earthenware in more detail, the Manufakturen am Sande, where potteries used to be located, the clay quarry city park, where the raw materials needed for production were extracted, as well as two workshops in which visitors can still see just how potters create finished products from a simple block of clay.

The “Ceramics Tour of Kellinghusen” flyer gives visitors all the directions they need to make their own way through the historic tour. The walk lasts about 60 minutes. If you choose to skip historic clay quarry in the city park, the tour lasts half an hour.